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Fighting Like a Mother

Life changes the moment you become a mother. Your perspective and priorities shift. You see the world through an entirely new lens. A fire burns within – and you realize that you would do anything and everything to keep your child safe. To protect them. To give them every opportunity to grow, thrive, and be healthy. 

Gone are the days when you care about what people think. As a mother, you welcome in a new era – when your child’s wellbeing matters above all else. Even if that means challenging what most hold and believe to be true. Because the truth isn’t always what it seems. 

As mothers, we fight for the truth. And, we’ve learned that the truth is, more often than not, tucked away like a dirty little secret. The truth is in the Earth. The truth is in nature. The truth is in science. 

For centuries, we’ve survived on these truths. We’ve thrived on these truths. Now, however, it’s become evident that the truth isn’t great for making money or grabbing power or seizing control. So, the truth has been buried and attacked. 

The attack on truth has had a profound impact on our children. Our children are sicker than ever. They’re heavier than ever. They’re less active than ever. They’re dying earlier in life and more often than ever before. 

Why? Because we’ve turned our backs on the truth. As a people, we’ve allowed ourselves to become complacent. We listen and accept everything we’re told as true. It’s clear – based on where we find ourselves today – that this has not served us well. 

So, today, as mothers, we’re fighting for the truth. We’re fighting to expose and free the ideas and information that can make this world what it should be for our children. We’re tapping into that maternal blaze that roars within – giving us the strength needed to persevere. If we don’t fight for our children, who will?

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